KB-Redmine 網站反應速度很慢

Redmine 裝在 WEBrick 1.9.3 上面,某些電腦有可能出現速度很慢的問題,這是因為 WEBrick 有進行 DNS 反查的動作,若有電腦開啟防火牆,不允許反查的話,就有可能會發現 Retry。


可以解決茶包的方法, Windows 是在 ruby 安裝目錄裡面,例如:C:\Ruby\v1.9.3\lib\ruby\1.9.1\webrick


Having the same issue here (even a year later). Under linux you have to do the following:

Look for the file /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/config.rb and edit it.

Replace the line

:DoNotReverseLookup => nil,


:DoNotReverseLookup => true,

Restart webrick and it'll work like a charm :)



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ishhu 提到...

I am fixing Redmine stable to run during a Linux Mint 14 (x64) Guest OS through a Virtual Box VM.Overall, thus far so good, in the VM, Red mine responds in no time However, outside the CM, on either the Host OS, or elsewhere within the network, Red mine is performing VERY, VERY slow.Has anyone else encountered this, and what can we do to resolve that issue After some Google detection , I followed some instructions to configure Passenger and Apache to run through the /red mine (or whatever it's for you link rather than through a port 3000 default I think.get more : Cheap Essay Writing Service unsure if also adding Mongrel as against Web rick also helped; I'm reading places which may not be an element . Anyway, it runs much faster now; it's even usable.